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The GLOBE-CON Underwater Electrical Dry-Mate Connector…


The GLOBE-CON series is currently available in 2 shell sizes with up to 12 contacts, however more configurations are due to be added to the range at a later date. Sturdy and robust, this connector range has the ability to withstand temperatures of upto 140 degrees Fahrenheit (although higher temperature versions are available by special order) with a mated pressure rating of 10,000 psi (22,500ft/7,000m).

This connector range is suitable for many applications including ROV’s, Underwater Cameras, Telecommunications/Broadcasting Systems, Sensors, Digital Data Transmission and Acquisition.


Key Features

  • Dry mateable
  • 2 shell sizes and currently 3 different contact configurations up to 12#28 contacts
  • 10,000 psig (approx. 22,500ft/7,000m) mated
  • Open face by special order
  • 300 VDC
  • Up to 2.5 amps current max
  • Materials suitable for caustic environments
  • Suitable for use in high vibration applications
  • Wet-mate and ethernet versions available
  • Typical uses are lights, cameras and ROV’s or wherever size is a problem

For more information on the GLOBE-CON connector please click here