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The MSSQ RUFF-NEK CCP Connector from SEACON…


The MSSQ RUFF-NEK CCP connector is a MUX cable termination that maintains a constant positive pressure inside its oil-filled connector cavity. Positive pressure, maintained at 25 psi using a springloaded piston, deters water ingress from conductor interstices and other sources. Inside the connector, advanced conductor booting technology assures functionality even when the MSSQ RUFF-NEK CCP is water-flooded. The MSSQ RUFF-NEK CCP is field installable and testable. Dual barrier seals are used throughout the connector. It is currently available in an electro-optical hybrid configuration, and will soon be available in electrical-only configurations.



  • Overall Length: 24.2″ (615mm)
  • Overall Diameter: 4.75″ (120mm)
  • Megger Test Pin: Allows non-intrusive IR testing for presence of water inside
  • Test Port: Verifies o-ring integrity in mated connector condition
  • Modular Cable Terminations
  • Field Installable (no compounds)
  • Internal connector oil volume is positively pressurized to a maximum of 60 psi (4.0 Bar)

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