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Underwater Optical & Electrical Penetrators from SEACON…


Penetrators are used in applications in which a waterproof seal needs to be made between a cable and a pressure vessel. This is often accomplished using a connector set, but if there is no requirement to separate the cable from the equipment, a penetrator may be used. A penetrator generally has fewer seals and may be physically smaller than a connector pair but hard wiring the cable to the equipment may make it less flexible in use than a connector.

SEACON Penetrator

Key Features

  • Utilizes a modular concept
  • Single or multi-way (up to 8 channel) versions available
  • ‘Boot-Seal’ bend relief available
  • Suitable for use as a pressure barrier between a 1 – Atmosphere chamber and external pressure environment
  • Average insertion loss -0.1 db
  • Average back reflection -55 db
  • Multi Channel Tested to 5,000 psig (approx. 11,250ft/3,500m)

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