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Winter 2007


Welcome to the winter edition of the SEA CON Newsletter Since the release of the Autumn edition, SEA CON has continued to see a steady increase in orders for standard products and new connector developments. This quarter has seen the release of many new products including a field installable, high current, single conductor connector specially designed to meet high power requirements.  In addition, SEA CON has added two new shell sizes to its extremely popular MINI-CON series and produced a low cost single fiber optic connector for infield repairs which will help to reduce downtime and minimize disruption to equipment or operations. SEA CON still continues to be the first port of call for many connector requirements and has been involved in many new and exciting projects recently, including the design and manufacture of the 8010 series of explosion proof connectors for installing on to a Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) vessel located 350km off the East coast of Canada. Further details of this development can be found inside this newsletter.

The SEA CON Group continues to expand its operation’s with the opening of an additional facility in Mexico to cope with the demand for high quality standard products.  In addition, SEA CON (europe) Ltd is increasing its machining capability with the purchase of new CNC machines and the employment of new operators. This will enable them to increase production turnaround times to cope with the continued increase in customer orders.

During this forthcoming year, the Group will be exhibiting at a number of exhibitions including the Offshore Mediterranean Conference (OMC) in Italy at the end of March, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas at the beginning of May, Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) in Naples during June and Offshore Europe in September to name but a few.  For more information on these and other events please see the Events Section in this newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and would welcome any comments that you wish to make.
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Successful Development of Explosion Proof Connectors for Terra Nova Project

The Terra Nova oil field discovered in 1984 by Petro-Canada is the second largest field located 350km off Canada’s East Coast and the first harsh environment development in North America to use a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel. Back in May last year, production of the Terra Nova oil field was halted due to a mechanical issue with the gear box which was attached to the starboard main power generator.  The early shutdown allowed Petro-Canada to advance its program to improve reliability.  Part of the program was to replace the environmental connectors including the connectors to the Beacons, Lights, Telephones and Sensors in addition to those located in the lower SEA CON were contacted by PetroCanada to come up with a suitable design for this project which presented a number of challenges including the required CSA (Canadian Standards Authority) Hazardous location testing and certification along with a very tight delivery of the connector assemblies.  The CSA has a very strict criteria in order that connectors can be certified as flame proof.  One such requirement was that the contacts of the connector be self-extinguishing should a flame or spark generate following mating or de-mating. Many challenges were faced and overcome including the large conductor size of the cables and identifying a solution to attach the armor to the shells, but still facilitating the flow of rubber through and around the armor to avoid any air entrapment in the termination.  As a result of our highly skilled Engineering, Production and Project Management teams working closely together with the customer and the CSA, SEA CON developed the 8010 Series of connectors, which combine our ALL-WET connector technology.  These connectors were subjected to a number of stringent tests required by the CSA including temperature, flame, explosion, pressure and mechanical strength all of which successfully passed.  This new development further shows our continued commitment to customers in coming up with workable solutions for specific applications.
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Field Installable, High Current, Single Conductor Connector

SEA CON is pleased to announce the release of its new high current single pin slip-on connector range. Specifically designed to meet a requirement to connectorize high power applications in the field without the requirement of over-molding or potting compounds, this new connector features a dual gold, plated ball spring and helically wound spring contacts for high current applications.  Field Installable and available with 1/0 contact rated to 200 amps, a pressure rating of 10,000 psi and a design life of 20 years, this new connector design is suitable for many high power applications including pump and motor assemblies or welding cables.
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New Editions to the MINI-CON Range

Responding to customer requirements for smaller high reliability connectors, pb^=`lk has recently introduced two new shell sizes to it’s extremely popular MINI-CON series. The new MIND and MINE connectors fulfil the need for small diameter and light weight connectors whilst maintaining the design qualities of the well-established jfkfJ`lk range.  With many key features including proven reliability and a pressure rating of up to 16,000 psi, these connectors are suitable for many applications such as ROV systems and diver communications and have been subjected to a number of additional tests including


Salt Spray (Corrosion) in accordance with MIL-STD-202, Method 101 Humidity (Steady State) in accordance with MIL-STD-202, Method 103 Thermal Shock – in accordance with MILSTD-202, Method 107 Hydrostatic Pressure – in accordance with MIL-STD-1344, Method 1006


Underwater Explosion Shock in accordance with MIL-S-901, High Impact, Heavy Weight Vibration (Mechanical) in accordance with MIL-STD-167, Type 1


Dielectric With standing Voltage in accordance with MIL-STD-202, Method 301 Insulation Resistance in accordance with MIL-STD-202, Method 302
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Low Cost Single Fiber Optic Connector

SEA CON is pleased to be able to offer a new low cost single fiber optic connector. Field installable and easy to terminate, this new connector can be used for infield and emergency repairs to existing systems resulting in reduced downtime and minimum disruption to equipment or operations.  Available as single mode or multimode, it is suitable for many applications including AUV tethers, instrumentation, surveillance or contaminated environments where fiber optics are not normally susceptible.
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Belleville Wins CEDA Award

Following the announcement by the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) that Bellville had won a Community Economic DevelopmentAward (CEDA),  pb^`lk AdvancedProducts, LLC were invited to attend the awards ceremony held at the end of September 2006 in Houston. The CEDA awards program recognizes exceptional contributions of TEDC member cities towards the economic vitality of their communities and the State of Texas through creativity, leadership and partnership in the achievement of business retention, recruitment and community improvement.  The CEDA committee received applications from 37 TEDC member communities who were judged on five criteria; innovativeness, transferability, community commitment and leverage, measured objectives and secondary benefits. The CEDA award was presented to five member communities; Bellville, Mount Pleasant, Hereford, Frisco and Austin. Craig Newell, International Sales Manager at SEA CON Advanced Products, LLC in Bellville attended the ceremony to receive the award along with other member companies from Bellville.

Michael Meek of TEDC said “each community nominated achieved excellence in economic development and substantially improved the economic base of their respective regions. The recipient communities were recognized for extraordinary accomplishments in meeting the criteria set forth in the nomination process”.
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SEA CON Sponsors CUAUV Team

The 9th International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition takes place 2nd to 6th August 2007 at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego.  The competition consisting of three missions, challenges student project teams from various universities and institutions to design and build an autonomous underwater vehicle SEA CON is pleased to sponsor the student project team at Cornell University with their AUV build, named Proteus by supplying Micro WET-CON and HUMMER connectors for the build. During the next few months  SEA CON will be following and reporting on the build progress which will be detailed on their website at, however further information can be found by visiting Cornell University’s website at  SEA CON wishes Cornell University every success with this very exciting project.
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A Fond Farewell to a Valued Work Colleague

Lisa Carter joined SEA CON (europe) Ltd shortly after the company was formed back in 1987 and worked in the internal sales department for a number of years. As the company progressed, Lisa became heavily involved in a large number of projects for many high profile customers in addition to taking on the role of purchasing.  In 2002 Lisa was promoted to Purchasing Manager within the company, a position she enjoyed and made a big success of due to her in depth product knowledge. Sadly, in October 2006 Lisa died suddenly at the very young age of 36.  She leaves behind her partner John and young son Jay, 11.  Lisa was a much valued and popular work colleague who will be sadly missed by everyone at SEA CON (europe) Ltd as well as the number of customers and suppliers that she liaised with on a day to day basis during her years of employment with the company.
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SEA CON Gulf Area Sales Move

SEA CON’S US Gulf Area Sales office originally based in Houston has now moved to SEA CON Advanced Products, LLC’s facility in Bellville, Texas.  The move to this new facility will provide the US Gulf Area sales department with larger premises which will allow them to continue to support all of their Gulf area customers.
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New Personnel

SEA CON (europe) Ltd is pleased to announce that Craig Pretswell joined the internal sales team in September 2006.Before joining SEA CON, Craig spent a number of years in a similar sales role and therefore brings a wealth of experience with him which will prove invaluable in our aim to provide good response times to all customer inquiries and orders.  During the last few months, SEA CON (europe) Ltd has received many new orders and as a result a number of new production personnel have been employed to cope with the demand and to allow the company to continue to provide new and existing customers with the same high quality products and to timescale.
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Successful Delivery for SCE

SEA CON (europe) Ltd was recently challenged to complete and deliver an order for a high profile program with a very tight deadline. The bulk of the order consisting of 348connectors and dummy sealing plugs in 5different shell materials was based around the successful MINI-CON series of connectors and required approximately 900 machined parts and 1200 associated parts with additional U-MATE and OPTI-CON connectors included in the order.

The success of the project relied heavily on the machine shop schedule and the arrival of 285  MINI-CON inserts from SEA CON Headquarters in San Diego which all arrived on or before schedule.  The coordination of the project resulted in all items being successfully shipped before the due date with an additional requirement due to ship on time.
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