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Winter 2009/2010

SEA CON Brantner & Associates, Inc., Move to New Premises

SEA CON® Brantner & Associates, Inc., of El Cajon, California will soon be re-locating to new premises. The move scheduled to take place on 31st December 2009 will not affect production or delivery of products and will be fully completed by 4th January 2010. More details of the move will be available shortly.
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New Wet -Mate Products

SEA CON® Advanced Products, LLC of Bellville, Texas has now supplied over 60 3.3kV CM2000 electrical wet-mate jumper assemblies. Having successfully completed a Qualification Testing program to 15kV and a pressure rating of 6,500 psi, these new connector assemblies are available in over 12 different configurations including bulkhead, flying lead and stab plate interfaces and utilize Precision Subsea AS 20mm PBOF (Pressure Balanced Oil Filled) hose and fittings. The CM2000 is a modular electrical wet-mate connector and is suitable for adaption to special designs. Available with 2mm, 3mm, 6mm or 8mm diameter electrical contacts, this connector has a current rating of up to 100 amps and a depth rating to 3,500m (11,500 feet). With a design life of 25 years and a minimum of 100 mate and de-mate cycles, the CM2000 is suitable for a variety of underwater applications including subsea control, seabed seismic and sonar systems, umbilicals, deepwater drilling systems, submarines and classified military programs.
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New High Power ALL-WET  Connector

SEA CON® Global Production has developed a high power version of its ALL-WET connector range for a special underwater naval application. The AWO-3#8w/G has a ground pin which makes contact prior to the line pins and breaks contact last upon de-mating. In addition, this new connector incorporates a diver index compression on the rubber section of the bulkhead and inline allowing for ease of alignment. The inline connector also includes a grip ball at the rear facilitating disconnection in deep water. This new design is rated to 500 VDC at 50 amps with a pressure rating of 10,000 psi.
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New Wet -Mate GLOBE-CON

SEA CON® Global Production has released a new wet-mate version of its GLOBE-CON connector series. This new connector has most of the original features of the dry-mate GLOBE-CON but incorporates wet-mate capability. Originally developed for a major offshore project, the GLOBE-CON series is a rugged, small diameter connector. The Bulkhead Connector Receptacle (BCR) has a 316 Stainless Steel shell with a Neoprene faced GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) insert. The Cable Connector Plug (CCP) is a Neoprene faced GRE connector that is molded onto rubber jacketed cable as standard but can be molded to many custom cables also. This innovative connector design incorporates a spring ring device to secure the locking sleeve once mated thus improving reliability in high vibration environments. Other key features include; positive keying system for easy connection, standard SAE/MS tube boss seal configuration and a pressure rating to 10,000 psi mated and open face. The wet-mate GLOBE-CON is currently available in one shell size (K) with 2 configurations (3#20/5#20), however more configurations are due to be added to the range at a later date. This new connector will not intermate with the dry-mate GLOBE-CON however the mounting configurations of the K size wet-mate GLOBE -CON-mate GLOBE-CON and HUMMER are all the same and can therefore be interchanged at the same mounting port. Suitable for a number of applications including ROVs, underwater cameras, sensors, signal transmissions and control systems, this new addition to the GLOBE-CON series is an excellent alternative to the standard dry-mate GLOBE-CON where many repeated make and breaks are required in wet conditions.
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SEA CON ( europe ) Ltd Sponsors University AUV Challenge

SEA CON® (europe) Ltd congratulates Bath University Racing Submarine Team (BURST) following the successful launch and sea trials of their Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) the ‘Seabiscuit’. The vehicle successfully completed trials at the DSTL (Defence Science & Technology Laboratory) industry sponsored ‘Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge – Europe’ in July 2009 and achieved 1st place in the second division. Shortly after the ‘Seabiscuit’ was flown to Canada’s Pacific Coast to assist a grey whale research group. Here it took place in a number of successful launches in a variety of conditions investigating autonomous surveying and mapping of the near shore environment and the feeding grounds of whales vast underwater kelp forests. SEA CON® (europe) Ltd sponsored BURST by supplying both WET-CON and MIcro WET-CON connector ranges for installation on the ‘Seabiscuit’. SEA CON® Global Production has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification following an independent audit. ISO 9001:2008 is the latest version of ISO 9001 and is the internationally recognized standard for a quality management system which focuses on an organization’s actions to meet and continually improve customer satisfaction and quality requirements. Created in 1989 in order to provide quality, low cost solutions for the manufacture of underwater electrical connectors, SEA CON® Global Production has now become the main rubber molded and composite connector manufacturer within the SEA CON® Group. With two locations in Mexico, this division has the capability to produce high volume, low cost quality products with very quick turnaround times. In addition, the specialized engineering and product development teams can design and produce special application connectors to meet individual requirements. SEA CON® Global Production’s vast product range includes the original Marsh & Marine®, Rubber Molded and Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) connectors, as well as the manufacture of the ALL-WET/WET-CON, MIcro WET-CON, HUMMER,  GLOBE-CON and CS-MS series.
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